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Leader Board Catalyst

Player image
sam_ikyr02 IMLFF $674.70
Player image
biggercapital ONTX $158.33
Player image
AnalyticsAtom RKUNY $126.77
Player image
JassimMRaja MBRX $52.35
Player image
InTheTrenches2 NTRP $12.55

Game Information:

Sunday, May 20, 2018
2 year (ends on Thursday, May 21, 2020)

Tweets For This Game

  1. @biggercapital score of $80.75! $ONTX 7a600 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  2. @InTheTrenches2 score of $9.57! $NTRP 7a600 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  3. @sam_ikyr02 score of $18.07! $IMLFF 7a600 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  4. @JassimMRaja score of $33.10! $MBRX 7a600 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  5. @AnalyticsAtom is winning with a score of $111.90! $RKUNY 7a600 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  6. RT @takethisbet: @JassimMRaja score of $35.29! $MBRX 03fd6 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  7. @JassimMRaja score of $35.29! $MBRX 03fd6 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  8. @sam_ikyr02 score of $18.07! $IMLFF 03fd6 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  9. @biggercapital score of $83.33! $ONTX 03fd6 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  10. @InTheTrenches2 score of $8.72! $NTRP 03fd6 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  11. @AnalyticsAtom is winning with a score of $106.23! $RKUNY 03fd6 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  12. RT @takethisbet: @JassimMRaja score of $35.29! $MBRX 7ed49 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  13. @InTheTrenches2 score of $9.57! $NTRP 7ed49 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  14. @JassimMRaja score of $35.29! $MBRX 7ed49 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  15. @AnalyticsAtom is winning with a score of $103.12! $RKUNY 7ed49 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  16. @biggercapital score of $102.03! $ONTX 7ed49 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  17. @sam_ikyr02 score of $16.80! $IMLFF 7ed49 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  18. RT @takethisbet: @InTheTrenches2 score of $8.09! $NTRP 534ff #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  19. @JassimMRaja score of $30.59! $MBRX 534ff #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  20. @InTheTrenches2 score of $8.09! $NTRP 534ff #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  21. @sam_ikyr02 score of $15.66! $IMLFF 534ff #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  22. @AnalyticsAtom is winning with a score of $91.50! $RKUNY 534ff #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  23. @biggercapital score of $83.33! $ONTX 534ff #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  24. @sam_ikyr02 score of $24.69! $IMLFF dbeae #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34ZzOc6

  25. @biggercapital is winning with a score of $111.00! $ONTX dbeae #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  26. @InTheTrenches2 score of $9.58! $NTRP dbeae #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  27. @AnalyticsAtom score of $103.75! $RKUNY dbeae #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  28. @JassimMRaja score of $33.24! $MBRX dbeae #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  29. @biggercapital is winning with a score of $136.11! $ONTX 17245 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

  30. @JassimMRaja score of $38.82! $MBRX 17245 #takethisbet https://t.co/B7x34Zidky

Game Events

5/13/2018 6:07:27 PM Game Created
5/13/2018 6:08:17 PM AnalyticsAtom joined the game.
5/13/2018 6:43:14 PM biggercapital joined the game.
5/13/2018 11:25:53 PM InTheTrenches2 joined the game.
5/14/2018 1:38:30 AM JassimMRaja joined the game.
5/15/2018 11:52:21 AM sam_ikyr02 joined the game.
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